• Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm

    What To Look For In A Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm

    A Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm is a dime a dozen in a city that thrives on tourism, is host to the entertainment and tech industry, and prides itself in the health and wellness sector with our green juices, scenic retreats, and active community. But how can you decide what…

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  • How To Stay Professional In A Casual Work Environment

    In a boutique PR firm, multiple factors come into play when it comes to professionalism in the office. Having a boutique style firm means working in close proximity with others, which tends to lend itself to being a casual work environment. A boutique PR firm has many advantages. A more…

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  • aloft hotel

    3 Ways Hotels can Incorporate Bloggers into their PR Plan

    A blogger pr plan can be huge for your brand right now. For many millennials, when they decide to plan a trip, the first thing they do is jump on their favorite blogs to see where those bloggers have stayed and what they did while on their vacation. As a…

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  • Social Media

    Why Social Media Accounts Can Act Like Your Resume

    Resumes are not what they used to be. A simple Word Document explaining your schooling will no longer do. In the Digital Age, especially in the world of PR and Social Media, your social media accounts are just as important as your standard resume. Most companies nowadays ask for your…

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  • influencer marketing

    4 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Shouldn’t be Ignored

    Influencer Marketing is one of the most discussed topics lately and it’s time for you and your brand to take notice. Social media is no longer a luxury, but a staple in our social and professional lives.  With this growing and disruptive phenomenon, the traditional ways of conducting business are…

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  • How to Land Your Dream Job

    Going after the job of your dreams can be a daunting task, particularly when you know you have competition.  Outside from having a good resume, cover letter, and portfolio, here are some intangible qualities that are equally as important, if not more, to set you a part from others and…

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  • Public Relations

    Public Relations in the New Age

    With the advent of social media, public relations methods have dramatically evolved over time.   Let’s hop on the time travel machine and take ourselves back to circa 2004 (Yes, pre-Kardashian era when Paris and Nicole were a thing). You’ll see PR professionals over-working the stapler and frantically posting stamps to…

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  • confident at work

    Tips for Being Confident at Work

    How many times have you’ve been told to “be confident!”  Whether it was advice you received from your parents, your friends, or your co-workers…it’s damn good advice and something worth emulating particularly in the business world.  In the purest sense, confidence is acknowledging what you are good at, the value…

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  • Unlayering the Listicle

    The presence of listicles, particularly in relation to PR, is unavoidable. If you’re in pursuit of revamping your PR strategy, or simply out of fresh ways to promote, it’s important to understand just how and why the Listicle has gained such importance in today’s Internet age. Much like a Labradoodle is…

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  • Personal Branding

    Power of Personal Branding

    With the recent rise of social media, the term “Personal Brand” is something that has been tossed around quite frequently. Today, when we think of a Personal Brand, it is instantaneously linked with the internet— more specifically with social media. Sometimes unintentionally, but mostly in earnest, working on your personal branding has…

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