• Fake News

    How Can PR Fight Fake News?

    What is fake news? And why is it becoming more and more common nowadays? Fake news consists of deliberate miscommunication or false information about some topic or individual that is meant to be spread most commonly through online sources such as social media. As our world becomes increasingly digital, fake…

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  • Why Your Company Needs PR

    4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs PR

    Picture this: You produce the greatest product of all time, at low cost and high quality. You imagine that your product will be flying off of the shelves and headlined on the cover of the New York Times. Your life is set as this moneymaker will continue to reel in…

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  • Building a Successful Media List

    5 Steps to Building a Successful Media List

    We all know that feeling when you write the perfect pitch hoping to gain great media coverage, but never hear back from the reporters that you reach out to. Before you get too excited and send your pitch to everyone in your contacts, be sure to follow these steps for…

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  • PR events

    5 Types of PR Events Your Brand Needs

    In our increasingly digital world today, your brand’s public image is more important than ever before. Every company or brand should be actively maintaining their public image in order to build a loyal community around their product or service. Here are 5 types of PR events that your brand or…

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  • Internship Onboarding

    How To Make The Most Out of Internship Onboarding

    Now that spring is in the air, it only means one thing – summer is almost here! Bring on the tank tops, swimsuits, and flip flops and we’ll see you at the beach. Or office… same thing if you are working at the BLND office this summer! We all know that…

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  • pr scandal united

    How To Recover From A PR Scandal

    Public relations disasters can strike companies of all industries and sizes. Poor or lack of response to these crises can easily worsen existing situations and cause an even bigger pr scandal, like United’s $1.4 billion stock drop after the public learned about its forcible ejection of passenger on flight 3411.…

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  • melrose

    BLND PR’s Top 3 Favorite Melrose Hot Spots

    We are all about finding the best places to wine and dine in Los Angeles, and we love to recommend places to clients who come into town. We also always look forward to eating at some of the most charming restaurants around Melrose when we’re not in the office. With…

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  • pr internships

    5 Steps To Excel In Public Relations Internships

    PR Internships provide some of the most valuable experience to your skill sets, especially with a public relations internship. If you want to prove yourself extremely worthy to a company who may be looking to hire after the internship is over, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to…

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  • Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm

    What To Look For In A Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm

    A Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm is a dime a dozen in a city that thrives on tourism, is host to the entertainment and tech industry, and prides itself in the health and wellness sector with our green juices, scenic retreats, and active community. But how can you decide what…

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  • How To Stay Professional In A Casual Work Environment

    In a boutique PR firm, multiple factors come into play when it comes to professionalism in the office. Having a boutique style firm means working in close proximity with others, which tends to lend itself to being a casual work environment. A boutique PR firm has many advantages. A more…

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