• Industry Spotlight: CBD PR

    This week, BLND is focusing on the topic of CBD PR. First things first: CBD will not get you high. However, because CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, you receive many of the benefits of cannabis sans the “high” sensation. Combine the benefits with great product packaging and a…

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  • Photoshoot 101

    Looking to take the leap and get into content creation but don’t know where to begin? Photo shoots don’t always need to be a large-scale, big-budget production. While a professional-quality DSLR camera is an awesome tool for any content creator to have, it’s 100% possible to do a successful shoot…

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  • A Social Media Agency’s Favorite Doctor Instagrams

    In recent years, a surprising Internet demographic have had their various social media accounts go viral: those in the medical field. Social media users are endlessly fascinated with the gorey, bloody, and sometimes just plain weird wonders of the medical world. Below, we as a social media agency highlight some…

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  • Content Creation Tips for Restaurant Clients

    As a lifestyle public relations agency, we take on clients of all types including restaurants, hospitality, brands and more. We specialize in traditional media pitching, social media management and content creation for our clients. When it comes to content creation, the type of client will require different photographing and editing…

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  • 5 Tips To Create An Outstanding Business Website

    Your website is up and running, but maybe you are not getting the traffic that you expected. Or maybe you just want to grow it to a wider audience? As a boutique public relations agency dealing with many forms of media including websites and social media, we have put together…

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  • Finding the Right Type of Blog For You

    Today’s blogger world is a vast online space filled with accounts from lifestyle bloggers, to small business owners, to dog moms, to foodies. From a boutique PR firm perspective, it is extremely important to decide what your account’s focus should be. With that being said, it is important to narrow…

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  • brand photography

    The Importance of Brand Photography and How You Can Benefit From It

    There’s no doubt that a brand or business needs to have an online presence to attract their target audience and communicate their product or services. This online image of who your brand is becomes the first impression to people – meaning it should be an important part of our online…

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  • Best PR Firms In Los Angeles

    The Secret Sauce Behind The Best PR Firms In Los Angeles

    The best PR firms in Los Angeles has to offer have services and clients that run the gamut. However, there are only a few with the secret sauce to compete among some of the top agencies in the world. How does a LA PR firm rank among the best? Here…

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  • restaurant social media

    5 Ways to Utilize Social Media for a Restaurant

    Restaurant social media is massivly important in this age. Whether you’re trying to decide where to make dinner reservations or are about to head to a new place for Sunday brunch, the first thing you do is look up the restaurant on social media to check out their atmosphere and…

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  • aloft hotel

    3 Ways Hotels can Incorporate Bloggers into their PR Plan

    A blogger pr plan can be huge for your brand right now. For many millennials, when they decide to plan a trip, the first thing they do is jump on their favorite blogs to see where those bloggers have stayed and what they did while on their vacation. As a…

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