• social media trends

    ‘Influencer’ vs. ‘Creator’: What’s the Difference?

    Social media is constantly evolving. Most recently, we have seen TikTok enter the social media sphere. Even with multiple platforms, one thing stays consistent through each of them: influencers and creators. There are influencers and creators on every social media platform who take part in various social media trends. Each…

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  • boutique public relations agency

    Curated to Candid – The Rise of Authentic Content on Social Media

    These days, content is king. Whether you are a beauty company or a nonprofit organization, pushing new and engaging content on your website and social media channels is a necessary way to get your brand in front of the right audience. Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars producing…

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  • social media agencies

    5 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement

    In the world of social media, one of the most important metrics to track to determine success is engagement. Engagement is any action that a user takes on your post, such as a like, share, comment or save. Consistent, strong engagement shows that your audience is actively thinking about and…

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  • social media agency

    Our 5 Favorite Social Media Agency Tools

    As a social media agency, we spend a great deal of time curating, scheduling, and engaging with content on social media. While we love social media, it’s not always fun to spend hours upon hours a day staring at a screen. This is where social media tools and programs come…

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  • social media agency

    5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Followers on Instagram

    Being in the social media world can be a tricky place to navigate. When it comes to Instagram, it can be difficult to understand how to increase follower count steadily – or even just maintain your current ones. With algorithms constantly changing, it can be tough to know what is…

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  • social media management

    Tips For Reaching Your Target Audience With Social Media Marketing

    What if we told you that the type of platform you are using is reaching the wrong audience? Using social media can bring awareness and increase your reach to your target public. However, you need to understand proper social media management as well as how to effectively use each platform…

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  • social media firm

    Is TikTok Here To Stay?

    From Myspace to Facebook and now Instagram, every few years a new app changes the way we use social media. With over two billion app downloads, TikTok is the newest candidate redefining the way we use social media. For a social media firm, the question becomes is this platform something…

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  • influencer marketing

    Everything You Need To Know About Influencer Gifting

    Have you seen a celebrity or influencer post a photo, story, or reel to advertise a brand’s product or service? If so, you have been a social media user that has been impacted by influencer marketing. A key component to organic content is through gifting free products in exchange for…

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  • social media for business

    How To Handle A Crisis On Social Media

    It’s no secret that a good social media platform can do wonders for your business. Going viral is almost synonymous with company expansion, and everybody loves a hilarious corporate tweet. Brands these days, however, must tread the waters of online culture carefully: while the upsides of using social media for…

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  • social media marketing

    5 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Instagram Giveaway

    Hosting an Instagram giveaway is a great social media marketing tactic to generate more excitement amongst your followers while also increasing overall engagement on your platform. There is no right answer as to what type of Instagram giveaway you should run. Need some help? Here are five fun ideas to get…

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