• Power of Hashtags

    The Power of Hashtags

    It’s 2015 so we’re going to go out on a limb, and say that everyone knows what a hashtag is. What we’re not so sure of, is if everyone knows the power of hashtags and their functionality. The hashtag has transformed social media, and continues to drive the idea of trending…

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  • Food and Drink Holidays

    Marketing Around Food and Drink Holidays

    There’s not better union in marketing than utilizing holidays with food and drink products. In order to maximize marketing with these products, we at BLND have found to first be unique, second become committed, and lastly stay ahead of the trend. Holidays are always fun and exciting, but it is…

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  • facebook update

    Facebook Update Renovates “Friends” Icons

    Facebook Update? If you’ve recently visited Facebook, you may have noticed the new minor changes added to their logo. The social media giant’s renovation to their logo includes a new logo for the “Friends” and “Groups” icon. Previously, the “Friends” icon consisted of a man with spikey hair with a…

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  • summer beach

    5 Ways to Incorporate Summer in your Social Media Plan

    Incorporating Summer ideas in your social media plan is a great way to grab your audiences’ attention and it makes your business even more exciting. Businesses should take advantage of the season in their marketing executions. External factors, such as, the season are great ways to renovate or add excitement;…

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  • Instagram Tools You Should Be Using

    One of the most popular social media platforms used today is Instagram. With over 300 million active users, Instagram is home to many people and brands of all kinds around the world, which makes it perfect for marketing. Is your Instagram game prepared? We here at BLND love Instagram! We’ve…

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  • social media giveaway

    Hosting a Successful Social Media Giveaway

    Social Media Giveaway? One fun aspect of social media, is the endless possibilities of marketing. Social media is rapidly growing and reaches millions of people across the world everyday. With different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more, there are countless ways to market. One great marketing tool,…

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  • nonprofit social media

    Nonprofit Social Media: What you need to know.

    In today’s society more people are likely to engage with others via the internet than to stop on the street and talk to a random guy holding a clipboard! Nonprofits have to engage with the public through social media to stand any chance of reaching a wider and younger audience.…

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  • Scheduling Social Media Posts

    Scheduling Posts for Social Media

    Social media is fantastic for a business or personality, you can communicate with customers (and potential customers), interact with other companies and advertise for free! The only down side is that nowadays nobody has any spare time to commit to activities outside of the day to day running of a…

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  • graphic design firm

    Why Your Company Needs a Press Kit

    Today we’re sharing why your company needs a press kit. Just as every company needs a name and a brand, a press kit is right up there with them, especially if you are part of a start-up or small business. A press kit is basically a compact, un-biased, broad overview of your…

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  • Twitter party

    What is a Twitter Party? And Why Your Brand Should Host One

    Have you heard of a Twitter party? Well do you want to be a part of the coolest parties where products are launched, prizes are given away and celebrities actually talk to you? Of course you do! What if at these parties you could also wear sweatpants, drink a cup of tea,…

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