• Should Your Brand Be On Twitter?

    Hitting the scene way back in 2006, Twitter may seem like the old kid on the block among all the new and trendy social media platforms. However, it is still one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. Despite its controversial nature, Twitter remains a leading…

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    4 Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

    With the rise of social media and the multitude of new marketing platforms, many are quick to assume that email marketing is outdated and useless. However, email marketing is certainly not dead, it has just drastically and rapidly changed over the past few years. Top PR agencies in Los Angeles…

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    Social Media Planning Tools We Can’t Live Without

    Social media is a powerful tool in the success of most businesses in today’s market. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are useful for brands to connect with audiences, showcase their products, and increase brand awareness. However, effectively managing a social media channel can be a challenge. For a successful…

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    Influencer Marketing is Ethical, If You Do It Right

    As influencer marketing has increased its presence on social media platforms, it has served brands and companies as a great way to promote their products. However, there are some influencers that do not abide by guidelines and rules, and post inauthentic content solely for profit. Whether or not influencer marketing…

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  • How to Embrace TikTok as a Business

    Hitting the scene in 2016, TikTok has caught the eye of our social media agency. TikTok has transformed the way that younger generations use and consume social media. Formerly known as Music.ly, TikTok has grown to surpass Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in monthly installs on the Apple App Store…

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    5 Design Software Programs Our Creatives Swear By

    When it comes to design software, there is no shortage of amazing programs. You can find hundreds of design programs online at your fingertips, but it can be tough to differentiate their abilities. At our social media agency, we have creatives with extensive experience working with a variety of different…

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    Social Media 101: Filter or No Filter?

    Almost every social media platform these days boasts a large variety of filters that can change anything from your facial features to the color of your hair. These are so popular that even plastic surgeons have seen a rise of patients showing images of filtered selfies when requesting cosmetic procedures.…

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  • Social Media 101: How to Take the Perfect Selfie

    This Friday, June 21 marks National Selfie Day, so what better way to celebrate than by taking a selfie? Don’t worry if you are not totally comfortable with your selfie game, the social media pros at BLND PR have some easy tips and tricks on how to get that perfect…

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  • Three Tangible Tips for Organic Instagram Growth

    It’s been nearly ten years since Instagram was born and created the social media world we interact in on a daily basis. A lot has changed in the past ten years; the photo-sharing app has skyrocketed into a public relations phenomenon that allows companies and individuals to reach new audiences…

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  • Influencer Marketing: Determining True Reach and Engagement

    Influencer marketing is a key component of the ever-evolving public relations industry. As advertisements and sponsored marketing campaigns continue to boldly move away from television and into social media, implementing influencer partnerships is crucial for brand growth in the millennial era. While traditional media continues to stand the test of…

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