• youtube-channel

    Youtube Channel Help: How To Launch a YouTube Channel

    Now, more than ever before, content has become king – in particular video content. With Snapchat, Periscope and YouTube becoming more popular than ever before, companies are seeing the importance of bolstering their video abilities and presence on these newer social media platforms. Recently we launched our own BLND YouTube channel…

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  • Instagram Algorithmic Feed

    Look out Instagram’ers and Los Angeles Restaurant PR firms!  Instagram may soon be coming out with a new update and you’ll either love it or hate it.  This photo-centric social platform plans to adjust their timelines to show photos based on popularity and other social signals versus the current chronological…

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  • Public Relations

    Public Relations in the New Age

    With the advent of social media, public relations methods have dramatically evolved over time.   Let’s hop on the time travel machine and take ourselves back to circa 2004 (Yes, pre-Kardashian era when Paris and Nicole were a thing). You’ll see PR professionals over-working the stapler and frantically posting stamps to…

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  • successful-blogger

    How to Be a Successful Blogger

    Remember the days when blogging was a rarity and only the bravest of braves dared to write, expose and express the details of their every day lives?  Those days are long gone and now blogging has become more of a necessity particularly for those in the business industry.   But let’s…

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  • instagram followers

    How to Get More Instagram Followers + Likes

    Everyone wants more instagram followers these days.  The popular photo-sharing application is growing exponentially with more than 300 million users and sky-high user engagement levels.  Whether you’re building your own personal Instagram account or building on behalf of a company,  posting your photos can be done strategically to generate more…

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  • Social Media Blunder

    Recovering from a Social Media Blunder

    Social media is burgeoning with success, and we think it’s safe to say; it’s at an all-time high. What started as a platform for social interaction among the young millennial has now become THE voice of the business and marketing world.   It’s become so powerful that one social media blunder could…

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  • Power of Hashtags

    The Power of Hashtags

    It’s 2015 so we’re going to go out on a limb, and say that everyone knows what a hashtag is. What we’re not so sure of, is if everyone knows the power of hashtags and their functionality. The hashtag has transformed social media, and continues to drive the idea of trending…

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  • Food and Drink Holidays

    Marketing Around Food and Drink Holidays

    There’s not better union in marketing than utilizing holidays with food and drink products. In order to maximize marketing with these products, we at BLND have found to first be unique, second become committed, and lastly stay ahead of the trend. Holidays are always fun and exciting, but it is…

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  • facebook update

    Facebook Update Renovates “Friends” Icons

    Facebook Update? If you’ve recently visited Facebook, you may have noticed the new minor changes added to their logo. The social media giant’s renovation to their logo includes a new logo for the “Friends” and “Groups” icon. Previously, the “Friends” icon consisted of a man with spikey hair with a…

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  • summer beach

    5 Ways to Incorporate Summer in your Social Media Plan

    Incorporating Summer ideas in your social media plan is a great way to grab your audiences’ attention and it makes your business even more exciting. Businesses should take advantage of the season in their marketing executions. External factors, such as, the season are great ways to renovate or add excitement;…

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