• Social Media Strategy

    5 Things to Consider When Developing a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

    Integrating social media into your marketing plan is a necessary step in developing your brand, but before diving in, you will need to learn the ins and outs of a successful social media strategy. Follow our guidelines below! What is Your Goal? Social media is the perfect way to build your…

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  • Millennial Social Media Trends

    Millennial Social Media Trends Growing in 2017

    Millennials have all the power – purchasing power, that is. Just last year, they surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest living generation. With this in mind, marketers have been paying close attention to their social media habits. Millennials are attracted to aesthetics – if it looks good, they’ll purchase. A…

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  • Instagram’s New Archive Feature

    What’s Up With Instagram’s New Archive Feature?

    The three social media giants Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook will not stop rolling out new features and updates. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with handy guides to these new updates and reviews about how you should be using them. Check out our latest blog highlighting new Snapchat features…

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  • Is Your LinkedIn Game Strong?

    With the increasing amount of social media platforms available to use nowadays, LinkedIn is probably on the bottom of your list of actively used apps. However, most companies and hiring managers turn to LinkedIn to learn more about their potential employees. Follow these quick steps to refresh and revamp your…

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  • instagram advertising

    Instagram Advertising… Does It Work?

    If you have scrolled through Instagram lately, it is hard to miss Kylie Jenner’s posts about FitTea and Khloe Kardashian’s posts about Sugar Bear Hair. When products like these are featured in celebrity social media accounts, we can’t help but wonder if they actually work as well as the Instagram…

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  • social media management

    Social Media – 5 Ways to Track and Measure Your Success

    With your social media efforts, whether you are using it to promote your business, run a campaign, or interact with followers, it is vital to track and measure your success accurately. Tracking your success on social media platforms allows you to discover what works, what doesn’t, and how you can improve.…

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  • instagram takeover

    How to Have a Successful Instagram Takeover

    An Instagram takeover is a great way to expand your following and boost interest through a variety of audiences. For brands partnering with influencers and bloggers popular in your industry, they can be an interactive way to put your business or product in front of their large number of followers. It also gives…

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  • personal instagram

    5 Ways to Brand Your Personal Instagram

    Have you done an audit of your personal instagram lately? In today’s social media crazed world, personal branding via online platforms is essential to your success. Providing a rich and unique visual experience is crucial in promoting authenticity and brand awareness, thus making Instagram the ideal platform to begin branding…

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  • Instagram Spots

    Our Top 3 Favorite February Instagram Spots

    Whether you’re an LA native, avid adventurer or building a lifestyle social media brand, we’ve got the best places for you to go to boost that follower list. As a company that strives to promote lifestyle social media accounts, we took it upon ourselves to provide you with our favorite…

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  • Social Media

    Social Media Manager: Why it May be Time

    We’re not saying you don’t look great wearing different hats, but let’s be honest — wearing multiple hats may not be the cutest (or most functional) idea. More often than not, business owners or other important constituents within the company will usually take on the role of handling any social…

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