• social media management

    Why You Need Social Media Management

    Posting a ton of images on your company’s social platforms without any real plan or social media management isn’t exactly the best way to build brand awareness online. Every single thing you post reflects your company’s overall social media footprint (we also beg of you to not buy followers without…

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  • restaurant social media

    5 Ways to Utilize Social Media for a Restaurant

    Restaurant social media is massivly important in this age. Whether you’re trying to decide where to make dinner reservations or are about to head to a new place for Sunday brunch, the first thing you do is look up the restaurant on social media to check out their atmosphere and…

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  • Employee Social Media

    Why your Business should Encourage Employee Social Media

    Fact: a company’s social presence is eminent in establishing brand awareness in order to succeed. It’s also no secret that employers turn to social media when vetting potential new employees to get a better sense of who they will be hiring onto the team. Your new employee will be representing…

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  • Influencer Marketing On Social Media

    Three Ways To Use Influencer Marketing On Social Media

    Using influencer marketing on social media for brand content is one of the most powerful concepts companies can use to build exposure and awareness. For years social media companies in Los Angeles and everywhere else have used bloggers and influencers to promote their brand in order to reach their consumers…

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  • Five Photo Editing Apps To Step Up Your Instagram Game

    Today, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms used for promotion and gaining exposure for your brand or business. According to PR Daily, new research has shown that among social media networks, Instagram has surpassed Twitter in popularity among U.S. adults. Whether it’s for your personal or professional…

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  • What are the Best Times to Post on Social Media?

    As our relationship with social media changes, the ideal times to post also changes. As a social media PR firm in Los Angeles we think the first step your brand or business needs to consider before deciding when to post is who you are trying to reach with your posts.…

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  • Using Trello for Social Media Marketing

    Here at BLND as a social media marketing firm in LA our go-to tool for all things social media is Trello. While we do use Trello for several other tasks, we’ve found it one of the best and most effective tools when it comes to keeping organized and consistent for…

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  • snapchat stories

    Accounts that are Killing it on Snapchat

    Who do you think are the best snapchat accounts to follow? Nowadays, it’s all about innovation. Think about it; most ideas have probably been done before. With that said, the room for creativity is endless. As a social media pr firm, we have definitely been studying other brands and companies…

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  • instagram scheduler

    Our Favorite Instagram Schedulers

    At this point in the game, social media schedulers are essential. It is very difficult to have a consistent feed, without using scheduling programs for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With loads of options, we tested out a few of the most popular Instagram schedulers by visually planning accounts. While there…

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  • social media marketing firms in Los Angeles

    Periscope or Snapchat?

    Numbers don’t lie and the numbers are telling us to use video.  As a social media marketing firms Los Angeles we know that you need to be using video content to enhance your brand. At this point, even Facebook lets you have a video profile picture. The question remains: Which…

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