• Rise in Popularity of CGI Influencers in Social Media

    CGI influencers are bringing a new meaning to “fake” followers. As a social media public relations agency, we often partner with influencers who have similar goals and artistic visions as our brands to help products reach a larger audience. However, the recent popularity of CGI influencers has proved that the…

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  • Apps To Create The Perfect Instagram Aesthetic

    Creating a cohesive and consistent Instagram aesthetic can sometimes be stressful. Adjusting, cropping, finding the right filter and making each photo match the rest of your images all takes time. Luckily, there are tons of apps to help make the process easier. First of all, you have to determine what…

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  • Apple Keynote 2018 Recap

    At 10am PST on September 12, Apple hosted their annual keynote address at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, Cupertino. This is one of Apple’s most anticipated events of the year, carefully executed by their Public Relations and Marketing teams. During the keynote, Apple announced 3 new iPhones as…

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  • Best Apps

    Best Apps to Keep Your Life On Track

    In our mobile age, digital devices may always seem like distractions that we should be using minimally. However, digital devices and technology do not always have to be associated with negative habits. We have come up with a list of free phone applications that are designed to make your life…

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  • Email Etiquette

    Tips to Perfecting Your Email Etiquette

    As much as social media platforms are becoming more popular nowadays, email still remains one of the most commonly used professional communication platforms. Follow these tips and tricks to perfect your email etiquette, practice your professionalism, and increase your reply rates. Concise subject lines – The subject line is the deciding…

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  • Snapchat Removes Autoplay

    Snapchat Removes Autoplay In Recent Update

    Story Playlists are now the new thing after Snapchat removes autoplay in recent update. Exciting news — Snapchat has finally addressed one of the biggest complaints from their app users about Story Autoplay. Done are the days of accidentally viewing your crush’s story when you didn’t want to intentionally view it.…

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  • iOS 10 Update

    The iOS 10 Update

    If you have an iPhone and haven’t updated, or if have updated but are confused on what has changed – join the rest of most Apple users! The iPhone recently came out with the new iOS 10 update but lots are hesitating to make the change over because change is…

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  • Snapchat Memories

    Snapchat Memories

    Another week means another change in the social media world. While Snapchatting recently, you may have accidentally slid your thumb up and noticed something called Snapchat Memories. Yes, usually these updates are irrelevant to most; however, this update is actually something you probably will want to pay attention to. What…

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  • social media marketing firms in Los Angeles

    Periscope or Snapchat?

    Numbers don’t lie and the numbers are telling us to use video.  As a social media marketing firms Los Angeles we know that you need to be using video content to enhance your brand. At this point, even Facebook lets you have a video profile picture. The question remains: Which…

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  • Pokémon Go

    What’s the Deal with Pokémon Go?

    Even if you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably crossed paths with someone playing Pokémon Go, trying to catch a Charmander. So far, Pokémon Go is the top downloaded iPhone app, surpassing Tinder, and is nearing similar daily number of users as Twitter. We haven’t seen an app catch this…

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