Content Creation is Crucial in PR

What is content creation? Who creates content? What kind of content? Why content creation? These are all valid questions that companies should be considering in order to best market their brands. Content creation is a strategic marketing approach that aims to generate original content that is relevant, timely, and interesting to attract and retain potential consumers. Through content marketing, companies can build their own channels and publishing outlets in hopes of driving long-term growth, increasing awareness, and a better understanding of their target consumers. Here is a list of 5 reasons why content creation is one of the most useful tools in PR.



  • Increase Customer Loyalty


Public relations aims to maintain the public image of a company while focusing on relationships with target consumers. Content creation is very buyer-centric as it produces content that the public actively wants to consume. By producing content that is fresh, relevant, timely, trendy, and newsworthy, customers can connect with the brand on deeper levels and increase loyalty. Content creation should be designed to include current trends and unique angles in order to best connect with customers and gain their trust.



  • Increase Brand Awareness


Successful content creation consistently distributes information in order to engage existing consumer pools as well as reaching a wider audience. Content creation can come in many creative forms such as:

  • Infographics
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • White Papers
  • Events

Through these methods, companies are able to develop their own unique voice and personality for the readers to connect with. With a constantly increasing market supply of brands, good products alone are no longer enough to attract and retain consumers. Content creation allows brands to tell their own stories and connect with consumers on an emotional level.



  • Educate Audiences


The content published by your company should always be of high quality. Never sacrifice quality for volume. Consistent publishing of new content can be very successful in attracting new customers on top of the current base. Quality content also increases trustworthiness of your brand, leading to more loyal customers. Published content should always be easily understandable and digestible by the audience. This means that complex concepts should be simplified and technical terms should be translated. Furthermore, content should be properly modified to fit all types of channels and devices.



  • Better Industry Positioning


It is often difficult for firms to compete with competitors in the same industry, especially through traditional media sources. However, traditional media readership has been sharply declining in our digital world today as the use of social media and mobile technologies have been skyrocketing. Content creation, when designed strategically, can surpass the reach and influence of traditional publications in the industry. For example, check out Adobe’s CMO or Intel’s iQ as two very successful examples of content creation. According to Adobe, CMO “offers marketing insights, expertise, and strategies aimed at helping CMOs, senior marketers, and their teams deliver standout digital experiences”. CMO is one of the most successfully branded content titles launched, attracting marketing-minded readers from all industries.



  • Drive Business Outcomes


In addition to driving consumer loyalty, content creation can also deliver measurable business outcomes. The content created should be designed to engage and spark action. Use the Attract, Engage, Convert marketing approach in order to excel your business.

  • Attract: Help prospects easily locate and understand your content as well as your brand’s unique story.
  • Engage: Interest your consumers by producing relevant and timely content in order to increase conversation and encourage sharing of information.
  • Convert: Most importantly, help consumers finalize their purchasing decisions after you provide them with valuable information through content marketing.

By following this model, your consumer-centric content will be easy to find, consume, and share. Additionally, according to Neil Patel, “conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters”. Content creation leads to measurable increases in business outcomes such as sales.
The idea of content creation can be quite daunting at first, but will be sure to pay off in the long run. The most common areas for content creation include customer education, client training, marketing, and presentations. Brainstorming a list of possible topics for each category will help your company prepare for a sustainable and engaging content creation journey. Ultimately, our world is evolving to become more and more digital and brands must be able to keep up with shifting consumer interests and habits.

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