10 Gifts Perfect for Any Business Woman

Whether it’s a gift from your significant other or simply a gift to splurge on for yourself, these are the top 10 gifts that we would suggest for any working woman:

1) Fluorescent Coral Water Bottle by Bkr ($35): Studies show that drinking eight cups of water a day can improve your cognitive performance by 30% and improve complexion.   So drink up and stay hydrated with this opaque pastel fluorescent coral with a pale pink heart. Besides, reusable bottles as gifts are cool and good for mother earth.

2) Gold + Rock Crystal Coasters by RabLab: Water stains are annoying and not pretty for the office space. Keep those desks sparkling clean with these fancy little coasters.

3) Acrylic + Gold Tape Dispenser by Anthropologie ($14.95): Out with the old, boring, treacherous tape dispenser and in with this new sleek beauty with hints of gold.

4) Gold Oversized Paper Clips by Nate Berkus ($2.99): to go along perfectly with your golden staple. These clips will keep all things cute and tidy.

5) White + Gold Stapler by Poppin ($18): With a solid steel anvil and sleek lacquered body, this stapler will bring your papers together forever and is bound to get your desk some double takes.

6) Powder Wool Blanket by Fine Little Day ($140): Wrap yourself in this soft Scandinavian wool throw on a cool day in the office and simply hang it off the back of your chair when not in use.

7) Gold Dots Pencil Pouch by Kate Spade ($30): It’s important to carry around a pen at all times but the strenuous part is digging through your purse to find it. This adorable patent leatherette pencil pouch will keep your writing materials in a bundle and make it all easy to find.

8) ‘I AM VERY BUSY’ Power Bank by Ban.do ($54): This gorgeous power bank provides unlimited helpings of hot electric charge and is compatible with virtually all your devices. It also tells your co-workers that you are very

9) Peony & Blush Suede Candle by Jo Malone London ($65): You can never go wrong with candles. A good scent can easily take away the stress, get your “woo-sah’s” going, and add an air of luxury.

10) Gold Pen Set by Kate Spade ($25): These pens are more than just a pretty utensil. These dignified beauties are comfortably weighted and create a wonderful writing experience for any busy working woman. Caution: co-workers may walk away with these cuties.