Featured Blogger: Sally of Sally Mustang

Sally Mustang


Every Monday we bring you a featured blogger who inspires us. This week we’re excited to share with you Sally Mustang, one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow! Painting and creating whenever she can, teaching yoga most afternoons and styling or modeling whenever the opportunity arrises. She has spent the last 5 years traveling Australia as well as various parts of Asia and The Pacific. Read more about Sally here.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?background
I grew up in small coastal town near Coffs Harbour and have lead a pretty outdoorsy life. Earthy. Since i was little I have watched the sunrise pretty much every morning. I have a puppy named La Luna. I teach yoga. I paint, I hike and Im salty. I try to say yes more then I say No

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
sunshine, gypsy, crazy

What Profession other than yours would you love to attempt?
I would love to write a book

What is your favorite quote?
Well I sort of don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like Led Zeppelin

What inspired your blog?
I guess i travel a lot and have met some amazing people, so i wanted to share that.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?
Instagram by far, i guess it has opened so many doors for me and other creative influences.


Where do you find inspiration for blog posts?
I try to source a lot from the world around me.

What do you think it is about your blog that keeps people coming back for more?
haha hopefully the truth in it. Its me. Raw

How does a brand get your attention for a feature?
I love denim, and anything that jingles. I especially love when a brand is more then just fashion, but more a lifestyle.

What do you love most about blogging?
Be able to inspire others and the creative outlet it offers me

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully just happy