3 Benefits of Hiring a Boutique Public Relations Agency

When it comes to choosing the right PR agency for your business, it’s easy to get sucked into the hype surrounding larger firms. However, bigger isn’t always better! If you are looking to find a firm that can achieve your business’s marketing goals while still maintaining your budget, a smaller boutique PR agency may be a perfect fit for you. Here at BLND, we’ve put together 3 benefits to hiring a boutique PR agency.


The Dream Team

Because a boutique PR firm consists of a smaller group of workers, the employees that are hired are expected to be experts in their niche. You will never call the agency and be talking to a secretary or put on hold. Boutique PR agencies do all their own work. Every time you call or email, you’re getting an expert that knows your company, and PR. Collaborating amongst a smaller group, boutique PR agencies are able to produce expert-level work in a fast and flexible manner. The boutique PR firm can also act as extensions of your own team, giving you direct access and control. Having a tight-knit team consisting of the best in the business allows a hands-on approach to your business’s PR!


Smaller Quantity Means Greater Quality 

Boutique PR agencies are able to focus their attention more closely on your brand. Instead of using a generic strategy applied to all clients, boutique PR firms come up with brand-specific and detailed plans to achieve the desired exposure. Small firms create personal relationships with their clients, and dedicate their time to you. They want to see your business succeed just as much as you do! 


Existing Media Relationships

With a smaller team means having a greater emphasis on having personal relationships with media outlets. Oftentimes, boutique firms already have appropriate contracts and resources to market your brand to the proper demographic. Being presented to personal contacts as opposed to being pitched to a nonspecific list of media outlets will allow your brand to target the desired audience and increase customer engagement. 


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