The DO’S and DON’TS Of Influencer Relations

influencer relations

Influencer relations campaigns are something several companies are doing at an increasing rate. It is a great way to invest in influencers that are growing fast or already having a well-established relationship with the audience you want to reach. The truth is, when you’re looking to get started on this ongoing trend, it seems like there is an endless list of things to do. Once you get started on your own or have an agency help you, you realize there are many ways to begin these relationships. We depend on many tips, tools, and tactics here at BLND to ensure we continue to build relationships with influencers without breaking any boundaries. Let’s look closely at this topic and understand the DO’S and DON’TS of influencer relations. 


  • Don’t reach out to everyone.

Although this can seem like the easiest way to get a hold of influencers, this is not the best way to begin influencer relations. There are different types of influencers, and it is essential to understand that not all influencers will want to create content based on your product/service. 


  • Do your research on the influencer you are pitching to. 

Before you begin reaching out to an influencer, take a look at the content they create! This involves researching their content across their social media platforms. When researching them, consider what type of content they create and what products they mostly share. This will give you a great idea of how you can reach out to them and determine the type of content/ product you would love them to share.



  • Don’t undervalue influencers. 

Do not expect influencers to not have a budget or even have requests upon creating content. Understanding what you are requesting is crucial and knowing creating content is a time-worthy project. Do not just expect influencers to not have access to your services/ products. You have to help them when it comes to creating the best content. 


  • Do be considerate of influencers.

When you begin to participate in influencer marketing, you need to understand that there are many parts to it. As a steadily growing industry, you must consider the different actions you or your team can be abiding that can be regarded as influencers. Whether it is having a gifting campaign innovative or a paid opportunity, it shows that the job you are offering is considering their work and content.  


In conclusion, creating relationships with influencers is a great way to understand your audience and your brand. It allows you to have the best and authentic content that you want your audience to receive. You want to make sure that when building the relationship, you do not cross any lines with influencers. 

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