Girl Bosses at BLND PR

More and more women are setting out to start their own businesses and make a mark on the world. As women, we know how important it is to empower and uplift one another – there’s nothing more encouraging than seeing someone follow their dreams and become successful. Here at BLND, we are so proud of our clients who are female business owners. They inspire us to work hard, ask questions and support one another.

Here are a few fearless female business owners who are killing it at what they do:

Megan Richardson & Gretchen Tiernan – Founders of Sand Spa, Megan and Gretchen are a millennial woman duo to watch. They have not only conquered the business and partner in life balance, but they’ve also successfully managed to take over Southern California with their salons and authentic demeanor. After experiencing the benefits of massage and self-care throughout their collegiate basketball careers, the duo developed Sand Spa. With physical and mental benefits in mind, Megan and Gretchen sought to bring an affordable, luxury day spa focused around individual well-being to everyone. With 3 locations currently in Los Angeles and 1 more opening by the end of 2017, Sand Spa is becoming synonymous with affordable, routine self-care.

Ami Hongo – Ami is the designer and founder of L’Oeuf Poché, a fashion-forward tennis and activewear line designed for the modern woman. Ami started her career in accounting, but was always fascinated by the fashion industry. She saw an opportunity in the tennis market for more stylish, functional wear, so she decided to combine her love of fashion and fitness and created a collection to embody classic fashion. In 2010, she took a leap of faith, followed her dreams and launched L’Oeuf Poché!

Kelsi Kitchener & Celeste Durve – These ladies co-founded VIPER by KCH, a front house operations and logistics company specializing in events and venues, around the idea of women supporting women. After their experiences of working the front door at various hotspots in LA, they built VIPER by KCH with hopes of creating a company that encourages women to strive passionately towards higher level positions. Kelsi and Celeste have successfully instilled the importance of knowledge and empowerment into their company culture and want to continue inspiring others.

Tristan Coopersmith – Despite being founded in 2016, Life Lab was brewing in Tristan’s soul long before. She knew she could offer a more effective and fun form of self-love and discovery through integrated practices of meditation combined with social and creative experiences Eighteen months of ideas, one vision board and a vacation to Mexico led to Life Lab – a women’s wellness studio and social club developed to ignite creativity, mindfulness and soul work – being born. Everyone that comes through the doors of Life Lab shares Tristan’s mission of being a force of good to themselves and everyone they cross paths with.

Here’s to these #GirlBosses!