Social Media 101: Facebook

social media

These days, it is almost required that companies utilize some sort of social media in order to best promote their services & engage with a wide range of customers. While Facebook has been around for quite some time, companies are only starting to fully utilize its full array of services to best promote their business. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when using Facebook in order to succeed in any industry. 


Use A Captivating Profile Photo and Cover Photo: 


One great way to really engage with your customer base is to make sure you have a captivating profile and cover photo that is both relevant and engaging. This could be a company logo or maybe a current promotion you are running that is attention-grabbing. 


Keep Posts Short and Specific: 


In order to maintain the audience’s attention, it is imperative that you keep any posts  short and to the point. It can be difficult to stay attentive when reading a long post and even more so when the content isn’t very specific. Imagine yourself reading the post to be able to put yourself in a consumers shoes. 


Post Frequently and Timely: 


The frequency of your posts can really have an impact on overall engagement. The key is finding the right amount of posts for your brand per week or even day, without flooding the feed of your audience. Pay attention to the times of the day when you have peak engagement and use this to your advantage. 


Engage With Customers: 


In order to maximize your presence on Facebook, engage with customers whenever possible. Responding to comments, reaching out to them and liking posts can be simple yet effective ways to show you care about your consumers.


Use Facebook Analytics (monitor insights): 


Don’t be afraid to use the tools that are provided for you. Facebook offers a variety of metrics that can help you gage your effectiveness through social media. Impressions, clicks and net likes are just a few that can give your more insight into your brand.


Use Hashtags: 


A good hashtag never hurt nobody! Whether it pertains to your company or is part of a larger conversation, don’t be afraid to use this powerful tool as it can really increase your exposure. If it is just your brands special hashtag, remember to be consistent and try and apply to any and all relevant posts. 


Hopefully these six tips are helpful for those looking to get the most out of Facebook. Social media is a powerful, yet effective tool when used correctly!