Are There Different Types Of Content?

Content creators have been able to define online creativity! Online creativity has opened the door for many forms of content creation. Content creation is no longer limited to photography. In fact, many LA communications agencies now include a variety of content creation services.. Here at BLND, we will help you discover the different kinds of content creation and their benefits. 



Newsletters are a content management system that allow you to update your subscribers on news, sales, images, and more. They have become one the most influential types of content because they allow you to interact with your general public more intimately. Do not be intimidated by the writing contents of a newsletter, newsletters still have a design component to them like layout design and images! The best part of newsletters is that they have content that can be shared monthly, so it always stays fresh.



It is time to grab your camera and get to shooting! Although video has been heavily added to social media, it can be used on its own. Videos are the perfect way for you to showcase your creativity visually. They can be  fully directed or even as simple as filming at home. Whether it be a tutorial or answering questions, it allows audiences to know who you are beyond your company or brand. Video content can be  posted  on websites, sent through email as well as on social media. The best part of videos is it allows your audience to share with others, which means more exposure for your brand.



You can easily elevate your content by adding a blog feature to your website! Blogs are a type of content that allows you to curate and share your creativity and expertise on subjects that matter to you. Blogs can be anything from formal information to commenting on issues that matter. The purpose of blogging is to be able to share your voice in a new and exciting way that will bring your audience to new levels of content. The best part about blogging is that you can plan with the help of a content calendar! 

Now that you have learned about these new types of content that LA communication agencies use click here to learn more about content creation.