An App to Watch For: Bumble


 Have you heard of Bumble? When Whitney Wolfe left Tinder, which she co-founded, to create her own application, everyone assumed this was a miss. Little did people realize that Bumble would become more than just another dating app.

We’ve got the run down on why you may want to pay attention to Bumble, even if you’re not in the dating game.


1. Women take the lead. Unlike other applications, only the women can initiate the interaction when there is a match. As more and more people turn to technology for dating, this app is changing the rules of the games and how conversations are beginning. The big shots are playing with gender roles and we LOVE it.


2. Connect with friends. One of Bumble’s newest features is called BFF, Bumble For Friends, in which people within the same area, can connect with others in an entirely platonic platform. It isn’t always easy for adults to make new friends, which is why it has created a way for people to connect with potential BFFs.


3. Bumble’s next move? Connecting the job market. Recently, Wolfe announced that the app would attempt to connect employers with prospective employees. This innovative and personal approach has the potential to corner the market as no other app has gone down this road.


4. Millennials are saying yes to it. It is no secret that when college students download, the world will follow. Bumble’s marketing approach targets ideally the most popular or influential students on campuses as ambassadors for the application. In other words, Bumble has been given the almighty stamp of approval.