Announcing BLND’s New York PR Office!

New York PR

Pack your bags because BLND has expanded to NYC! That’s right, we’ve opened a new office in the Big Apple, and we are ready to take on anything and everything that comes our way. We have been researching the New York PR market for so long, we’re ready to set up shop over there. 

Just because we’re expanding, doesn’t mean we plan to change any of our services! BLND’s New York PR sector will still be specializing in lifestyle PR campaigns for both established and emerging companies. Whether its beauty, wellness, entertainment, food/beverage, tech, and travel/hospitality brands. We will not only offer traditional PR and media outreach, but also social media management, influencer marketing, and special events PR. 

We can barely contain our excitement to get started in a new city! New York will bring amazing opportunities our way, and we know we will gain immense amounts of knowledge and experience. LA and NYC are different in the PR and social media industries, and we can’t wait to encounter and understand several new ways of pitching, designing content, and marketing to influencers.

Join us on this adventure by following our socials @blndpr and reading our weekly blog posts. 

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