Client Spotlight: Nadine Macaluso

nadine macaluso

From clothing companies to nonprofits, we here at BLND have always prided ourselves in the work we do for each and every one of our amazing clients. This month, we’d like to honor our client Nadine Macaluso as our client of the month!


Nadine Macaluso is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a Ph.D in counseling and somatic psychotherapy in the heart of the South Bay serving clients across the Los Angeles area. Dr. Nadine is dedicated to helping people gain awareness of and express their authentic self, reach their full potential, have rich intimate connections and relieve suffering. Using The Neuroaffective Relational Model and focusing on the mind-body connection, Dr. Nadine works with the patients, psychology, physiology, and relational aspects to support new healthier patterns and create increasing capacity for connection and aliveness.


Nadine is genuinely invested in each of her patient’s lives and is humbled daily by her work of being in service to others. Over the past few months together, we have loved developing a close and encouraging relationship with Nadine and are excited to see her touch many more lives in the future! Cheers to our client of the month, Dr. Nadine Macaluso!