Social Media 101: Best Practices for Instagram

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Instagram is, and has been, one of the biggest social media platforms for both personal users and brands. IG is changing constantly, and as soon as you get comfortable, it seems that there’s been another change to the algorithm or another feature added. However, there are definitely some strategies to keep in mind that prove consistently helpful and effective. Here a few best practices for Instagram to start up, or grow, your social media presence:


Quality + Consistency

Creating quality content, and doing so consistently, should be top priority for brands or personal users. Quality will bring an audience to your account— and consistency will keep them there! Ensure you are reaching your target audience by building your social media content around your brand. Producing unique, high-quality content with attention to aesthetic detail is a great start. Posting consistently and at optimal times according to your analytics will make sure your audience doesn’t forget about you, and keeps them informed about any new ideas or messages you have to share with them. Putting in the work toward organic growth is a key way to gain authentic engagement.


Instagram Is A Two-Way Street

Social media should be just that— social! It may feel like your work is done as soon as you hit “post,” but you’ll miss out big time if you end your presence there. Reading and responding to comments and messages will help you build an authentic relationship with your audience. Social media can double as a customer service channel, so be sure to check those DMs for any questions. Regramming or reposting stories from users who mention your brand amplifies their voice, and also provides you with content. Be sure to jump in on the conversation as well by engaging with other social media users who post content relevant to your brand! 


The Art of Intentional Hashtags

Hashtags can be seen all over social media, especially on Instagram. However, many users don’t use the correct hashtags to reach their desired audience. Much like keywords when it comes to SEO, hashtags are essential to increasing your content’s searchability on Instagram. Use specific, relevant hashtags to get your posts in front of those searching for, or already following, content similar to yours. Consider creating a hashtag for your brand and using it every time you post. Call your audience to utilize the hashtag as well when they post content related to your brand. This forms a searchable community centered around your brand! While it can be easy to #fashion #summer #cute and call it a day, it pays off to take the time to discover hashtags that align with your brand and aren’t so cluttered that they inhibit targeted interaction.

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