Social Media 101: How to Take the Perfect Selfie

This Friday, June 21 marks National Selfie Day, so what better way to celebrate than by taking a selfie? Don’t worry if you are not totally comfortable with your selfie game, the social media pros at BLND PR have some easy tips and tricks on how to get that perfect shot.

1) Light It Right

For beautiful social media content, lighting is seriously everything and natural lighting is key. Harsh light accentuates unwanted features while natural lighting adds that beautiful sun-kissed glow. Natural lighting can even erase undereye circles or face shadows so snap your shot near a window or outside facing the sun.

2) Take A Lot

And we mean a lot! Give yourself plenty of options by changing up the angles, directions, and lighting of the selfies slightly so there is a wide variety to choose from. Kylie Jenner is said to take up to 500 selfies before she finds her favorite. Out of all these options, you are sure to find one you love!

3) Edit But Don’t Over Edit

There’s no shame in editing a photo of yourself before posting it. Filters can bring out the best colors and add a theme to the image. We love VSCO and Adobe Photoshop for all of their filters and fun edits. Keep in mind that it is definitely easy to get carried away with the edits so be careful when editing photos and don’t go overboard on the teeth whitening or skin smoothing. After all, people know how you really look in person, and you want your social media to accurately reflect that.

4) All About Angles

From the wise words of Kim Kardashian, “When it comes to selfies, keep your chin down and the camera up.” I haven’t yet seen a selfie taken from under their chin which turned out flattering so be sure to hold the phone so that the bottom of it is level with your eyes. Play with your angles and find your good side, most people tend to look better when the picture isn’t taken straight on but slightly angled! A few other angle tips: extend your head away from your neck to create a sharp jawline, relax your lips and blow out air to get the perfect pout, and finally, look up to make eyes appear bigger.

5) Don’t Overthink It

If you aren’t a seasoned selfie taker, remind yourself to relax. No one wants to come off as a try-hard selfie taker so remind yourself to not be serious and pose in a way that is natural to you!

If you follow these tips and tricks, you are sure to have a perfect selfie ready to post on National Selfie Day. Keep in mind the most important part of taking the perfect selfie is to stay true to yourself.

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