3 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Pitches

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You have creatively written the perfect pitch, drafted a tailored media list for your public relations agency, and are ready to send out your pitch. After you hit send, you anxiously await for a flood of emails back. And continue to wait. And wait. Days later, you decide to send follow up emails. Still nothing. Does this sound familiar?


As a Los Angeles public relations agency, we understand how difficult and frustrating this can be. However, this problem is fixable and we are here to help. Below are the three most common reasons why no one is reading your pitches.


Your Timing Is Off

Timing is one of the most overlooked factors that can make or break your pitch. Deciding on when to send your pitch can help increase the probability of it being read and responded to. The person you are pitching to gets hundreds of emails a day related to pitches. Send pitches in the morning or early afternoon when people are most likely to read and respond to their emails. More importantly, avoid sending emails on Mondays and Fridays. Middle of the work week will give you a higher probability for more people to engage with the pitches in their inbox. 


You Sent it to Someone Who Doesn’t Care

Double check your media list before you start emailing your pitch out. Ask yourself if it makes sense to send to these specific individuals. You need to send your pitch to the right human in the company you are sending it to, not just anyone in the company. Do your research and look up related work the individual has done. Verify you have the correct email addresses and use search engines or public relations softwares to help find the perfect candidate to receive your pitch. 


Your Pitch is Not Personalized

If you are sending your pitch as a mass email hoping to get a reply, don’t. You want to make your pitch as tailored to that individual as possible and relate how the company you are pitching for would be a good fit for them. Make your pitch personable and always have a call to action at the end of your pitch.


Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you would be excited to read your own pitch. Still not sure if you have nailed your pitch? Learn more ways on how to improve your pitches for your Los Angeles public relations agency here.