Proper Phone Etiquette

With social media, e-mail, and text messaging so advanced today, people hardly ever need to use the telephone. In any career, phone etiquette is crucial. Something so easy can be challenge when it is not practiced often. Having proper phone etiquette can make or break any business or brand. Draw in others with pleasant and proper phone etiquette with these tips!

When speaking on the phone, the first thing you should do is an introduction. Remember, not everyone has caller ID on their phone. When answering the phone, greet the person, state who they have called and then who you are. For example, “Good Afternoon. BLND Public Relations. This is — speaking.” When placing a call, state your name, where you’re from and who you are calling for. For example, “Hello, my name is — from BLND Public Relations. May I please speak with —?”.

-Plan It Beforehand
Any business call should be thought out before hand. Think of what you want to accomplish during a call. What questions do you need answered and what other information do you need to gather? Having a list of accomplishments will make for a smoother and more organized call. Also, remember to think of a time to call. If you don’t have a specific time, look at the clock to see if the time is right. Noon – 1 o’clock probably aren’t the best since it is lunchtime.

-No Distractions
When on a call, try to not have any other outside distractions. Close your office door to keep others from walking in. Set your cell phone on silent and close your Facebook so that does not keep your attention. The more focused you are, the better your call will go!

When speaking on the phone, always try your best to be as clear as possible. Remember to speak slowly and clearly. Repeating important information is always a great idea. Listen to the tone in your voice. Try not to sound too pushy or aggressive. The pitch and tone in your voice is how you “non-verbally” communicate on the phone. It can send messages to the other party.