How to Build a Professional Wardrobe

The key to building a professional wardrobe without breaking the bank is to have a great collection of pieces that you can mix-and-match! When it comes to those staple pieces our advice is to splurge on the high-quality options, because you’ll never regret paying a little extra for that pair of black heels if it means you won’t be suffering when the next event comes up. Follow these 3 easy steps to develop a professional and stylish wardrobe!


Step 1: Do a closet binge. Make sure that everything in your closet fits and is still applicable to your current style. We have to say we follow the classic rule that if we haven’t worn it in a year, we’ll probably never wear it again. We know it can be painful to donate a dress that still has the tags on it, but it needs to happen to make space for newer shopping picks. Even consider dividing your closet in half: work clothes on one side, leisure clothes on the other.You’ll thank yourself in the morning when you are running late to work!


Step 2: Once you have done your closet audit, make sure you have these six staple pieces. They are key for building out the rest of your closet as you can mix and match them for endless amounts of new outfits. Our favorite? A black blazer can save you every time. If you’re running late one morning just throw a black blazer on and you are already looking more professional and put together than you may actually feel. Must-haves: 

  • Black blazer

  • Pencil Skirt

  • Dress pants

  • White blouse

  • Sheath dress

  • Comfortable shoes


Step 3: Develop some go-to looks. Spend some time crafting together a variety of outfit combinations so that when you re-wear pieces, it appears to be a totally new outfit. We know this sounds tedious, but picking your outfits out for the week or even just the night before can make your mornings seamless.