3 Tips for Anyone Looking for a Job in Public Relations 

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The world of public relations is exciting, innovative and always changing, and there are so many jobs within the industry. From PR agency executive to in-house coordinator, to publicist to social media manager, the options are endless. However, the market is competitive, so buffing up your resume and getting valuable experience is a must. Therefore, if you’re considering going into a public relations profession, here are 3 few tips from the BLND team on how to land your first job in the industry. 

Major in PR, Communications, or Journalism.

While many PR careers require a Bachelor’s degree, some don’t. However, if you do choose to enroll in college, majoring in PR, Communications, or Journalism-related fields will help you get the background knowledge you need. In fact, many PR job listings require some basic knowledge of the above categories. These classes will certainly help you better understand the world of PR! Learning effective written and verbal communication skills are important beyond measure. Whether you’re pitching, drafting strategies, or interacting with clients, it’s extremely important to be able to articulate your thoughts and insights for success. You can even sharpen your communication skills through a related club or internship experience! 


Network, network, network!

Networking is an essential part of being a successful PR executive. Make notes of friends of friends who work in the industry, or even a field you’re interested in! Whether you know someone working for an agency or a brand you love, connect with the people in your network of friends and family to chat more about potential PR job opportunities. You don’t have to ask them for a job, but politely inquiring about their PR department is a great way to get the conversation rolling! Connecting with professionals on LinkedIn is also a great way to open communciations and get your foot in the door. Even if you don’t get an interview or job application out of it, you never know when that connection will come in handy down the road. You’ll never know unless you ask!


Quantify Your Resume

“PR” can feel ambiguous and hard to define on a resume. Plus, as we all know, PR agency execs wear many different hats! It’s important to quantify your resume and tailor it to the job you’re applying for. Adding data points and numbers shows hiring managers exactly what you bring to the table. Try listing a few all-star clients you’ve worked with at your last internship, the number of pitches you send out on a weekly basis, or specifics about an event you’ve helped execute. Any quantifiable, specific information related to your role adds value to your resume. Attention to detail is a critical part of PR, and any employer will love to see you go the extra mile to relay your qualifications for the role in a brief, succinct, quantifiable way! 


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