Four Ways Good Graphic Design Can Help Your Business

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Good graphic designers make the creative process look easy and the outcome even easier. It is far from a simple process though! Whatever the company size a good brand image can mean make or break in a competitive business world. A consumer is bombarded with thousands of brands every single day so capturing and retaining a customer is vital. Graphic design spreads across a variety of platforms and intertwines with marketing and advertising. Customary uses include print (like magazines, newspapers, and flyers), identity (like logos and branding) online (like social media and email correspondences) and outdoor (like billboards and Guerrilla Advertising).

As a luxury brand PR firm, we’ve created a list to highlight why good design can be imperative!

Creates a voice – Graphic design helps to create a brand “voice”. It can be used to identify a business from its competitor and allows a message to be conveyed through subtle advertising. A brands voice may not appeal to everyone, however, a strong identity will attract a portion of the population and hopefully allow them to be dominant in their field.

Promotes professionalism – Graphic design in the corporate world is the clothes and accessories to us as humans. It’s how a business dresses itself up and what image it projects to the public. Good design can build a professional looking brand that helps maintain trust. You would not turn up to a work meeting in a casual or shabby wardrobe, just as brands cannot allow their product or service to simply speak for itself without packaging it up in some appropriate apparel.

Maintains consistency – Graphic design helps build consistency throughout a business. From employees work attire to a billboard in downtown, a consistent brand image will create familiarity and evoke an instant response. Customers buy into a brand and what they stand for, this form of customer loyalty will be crucial to a business that wants to grow and evolve.

Attracts attention – Graphic design can be as bold and bright as one decides. Attracting attention is central in reaching new customers which leads to increased revenue and sales. Although some methods can be more blatant, other simple techniques can be just as effective. Bold colors, strong lines and busy design materials can draw a viewer’s eye and hold attention, especially children. On the other hand using subtle practices like a subdued color palette, simple typography and a minimalist look can be successful in a whole new way.

Our advice is to spend the time researching your target audience and subsequently investing in good graphic design, you won’t only have a beautifully packaged product or service, you will also be rewarded by watching your company expand and flourish!