Meet the Team: Victoria

Victoria is another one of our Spring Interns this year.

Hometown: Orange County, CA

3 words to describe you: empathetic, talkative, hardworking

Coffee style: almond milk cappuccino

Most-used Emoji: 😍

If you could only eat one thing… what would it be? Tacos

What inspires you? Looking at the success of other amazing businesswomen inspires me to keep working toward my goals!

Spend a day in someone else’s shoes: I would love to spend a day in Emily Weiss’ shoes. She’s the founder of the cosmetic and skincare brand, Glossier. Her work ethic and success in the beauty industry really inspires me. I would love to experience what a day is like for her and what keeps her motivated.

Surprise us! I’m an only child!

Top Travel Destinations: Ireland, Argentina, Japan

Best advice you’ve ever been given: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” Its an Eleanor Roosevelt quote my mom always used to say to me growing up!