Corporate Social Responsibility: Why It’s Important for Growing Businesses and How to Do It Authentically

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In a world of corporate scandal and points of societal tension, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has only grown in necessity. Even though it may seem overwhelming for smaller businesses to get started, CSR is not just for corporate giants! While it’s up to the brand to determine their mission, a public relations agency offers helpful expertise in carrying the message to audiences and putting a creative spin on things. Here’s three concepts for growing businesses to remember when they start up a corporate social responsibility initiative:


First, a major point in corporate social responsibility is transparency. Openness with your audience promotes accountability in maintaining ethical production processes. Through open lines of communication, your audience can feel confident that they are making the right decision for them, and for the world around them, by choosing your brand. If you feel like your business has got something to hide, it’s time to take steps towards methods and results that you can be proud to share with your customers and the media!


To ensure your campaign is authentic, take time to consider what kinds of causes align with your brand’s mission. For example, do you have a large female client base or focus on feminist fashion? Partner with a women’s organization! Do you offer organic food and drinks or stick with ethically sourced materials? Contribute to an environmental preservation initiative! Choosing something that resonates with your team and your audience promotes genuine enthusiasm toward the cause you’re focusing on. Don’t support a cause just to check CSR off your business-building list— take the opportunity to make a real difference through projects that organically incorporate your mission statement and team culture.


When it comes to CSR, creativity is where a public relations agency shines! CSR is seriously important to business models today, but that doesn’t mean brands can’t have some fun with their initiatives. A public relations agency offers valuable help when it comes to spreading the word about a brand’s new CSR projects. Get creative with fun promotional content, an event to benefit your chosen cause, and intentional branding around your corporate social responsibility campaigns. Creativity catches attention, which is exactly what you want to bring to your cause!


Ultimately, there are plenty of avenues your business can take toward authentic and organic corporate social responsibility. Giving back means so much more than fulfilling a CSR plan, and can inspire your team and your audience to take action in areas they are passionate about.


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