Beauty Public Relations: 3 Trending Story Angles for Skincare Brands

beauty public relations

While we love the changing seasons for all the newest beauty trends that spring forward, we also love them for one other reason: an entire new slew of story angles for fashion and beauty. For beauty public relations, we can especially pitch in different ways according to what the season dictates; hydration for those dry and cold winter months, ultra glowy formulas for spring and summer, the possibilities for story angles switch up every few months!

Brands can look at what is trending and popularized each season, which helps to drive buzz around their products. By staying alert, brands can optimize their promotions each season. Here are 3 trending story angles for skincare brands this summer:


SPF & Sunscreen

We should all be wearing SPF every day, especially if we’re going to be spending more time outdoors. Brands can easily emphasize the importance of wearing daily SPF, especially if their products already contain this essential ingredient. Sunscreen formulations that do the best are those that hydrate, protect, and don’t leave a white cast. 


Lightweight Moisture

One beauty trend that has been popping up consistently is sheer coverage. This trend can also be extended to moisturizing our skin, especially as the dryness of winter has come to an end and we don’t need super-heavy moisturizers on our skin. Light moisturizers help give skin that dewey glow while maintaining it hydrated. Gel moisturizers are a favorite for achieving this!


Glowy Skin

The big beauty trend of the season is dewy and glowy skin, which can be achieved through the application of serums and oils. Brands can take advantage of this trend to promote their serums, oils, face mists, anything that helps give skin that effortlessly hydrated glow from within. Cream and liquid products can also help achieve this youthful look. Brands don’t even need to be limited to just face products, skincare tools such as face rollers can also help maintain this look.


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