Accountability and Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

As the influencer marketing industry matures, accountability and authenticity in the social media sphere is expected and demanded by audiences and brand partners alike. At BLND PR, a boutique Los Angeles public relations agency, we are committed to working against inauthenticity in influencer partnerships and do our due diligence when assessing follower accounts and engagement metrics.

Identify the Purpose of Utilizing the Influencer Market

Successful influencer marketing starts with determining the purpose of the partnership. Is the focus on tapping into an influencer’s reach or audience engagement? Or is high-quality, creative content production at the forefront? Evaluating the purpose will help determine next steps for creating partnerships that speak to the influencer’s audience in an organic way and reach the brand’s ultimate influencer marketing goals.

Determine Brand Voice and Target Audience

Understanding your brand’s voice and target audience is also crucial to determining the right influencer to partner with. Does the product or service you’re looking to pitch already fit with the influencer’s voice? How would their audience react to the partnership? Would it feel organic?

Analyze the Health of an Influencer’s Reach

Whether you’re targeting top-tier influencers with 1M+ followers or looking for micro-influencers with low reach but high engagement, analyzing the health of their reach is critical.  Partnering with influencers who have true, non-paid followers, likes, and comments will help ensure amplified, content optimization.

Create Integrated, Custom Campaigns

Finally, the most successful influencer-based campaigns combine key voices and content targeting specific brand objectives, and are amplified across owned, earned and paid media to drive long lasting results. As in traditional marketing and public relations, creating customized influencer marketing campaigns for your brand will deliver the highest impact with a sustaining ROI.

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