3 Ways to Take Your Super Bowl Party to the Next Level

super bowl pr

It’s your Super Bowl Party! Whether you’re hosting the party of the year or spending this Sunday relaxing with family, these three additions will make your Super Bowl experience unlike any other.  There’s never a bad time to enjoy great food and great beer, and this Super Bowl Sunday you need to take advantage of that.  Here’s a list of three essential steps you can take to set your festivities apart from others.

Bring on the Party Box from Burgerim – This year, it’s time to change up your traditions and treat yourself to delicious mini-burgers delivered to you from Burgerim.  Burgerim is an Israel-based burger franchise specializing in unique and individualized mini burgers.  Starting with 8 ounces of fresh ground meat, burgers are divided into a trio and then customized to your choices from 3 different buns, 6 sauces, 11 patties, and 9 toppings.  Hosting a party?  Have no fear.  Each party box from Burgerim features 16 mini burgers so you can be sure you’ll be equipped to feed the masses.

burgerim burgers

Coedo Beer Tasting – Spice up your halftime show with the ultimate beer tasting experience. Coedo is a Japanese beer company featuring 5 beers ranging in color from deep crimson to golden to onyx.  Regardless of your beer preferences, Coedo will have the perfect brew for you.  Everyone will just be jealous they didn’t think of it first.

beer tasting

Getting Grilling with Fuego – Even though you won’t be grilling your own burgers to finish off this football season, that doesn’t mean you need to put your spatula away completely.  Whip out your Fuego Grill for the best appetizer you’ll ever get your hands on.  Bring the heat by following this recipe for Fuego Dogs – the perfect addition to your Super Bowl party. You’ll be glad you did.

fuego hotdog