Productivity Apps: Top 5 Apps That Will Make You More Productive

productivity apps

Be friends with technology and the advantages that can help you become more productive! We came up with the Top 5 Productivity Apps that will help you become organized to help you with all domains in your life!

Evernote: Take down notes, create lists, and save your voice recordings! This app is extremely useful and you can open it on various devices! If you are old school and love writing things on a note pad this is the most up to date tool you can utilize that will keep you on your feet!

Dropbox: Most businesses are sending their coworkers files through dropbox. No more sending attachments via email and having to shrink down the file! Dropbox will allow you to send large files and everyone linked on that dropbox will get live updates. You can use it on other devices too! You save room on your computer and no more messy documents on your home screen, just drop and go!

Venmo: No more checks or cash that you may or may not have on hand! Nowadays people are using Venmo to send money securely. You can pay anyone instantly using money you use on Venmo or link a bank account or debit card in seconds. So when your splitting the tab you can say “I’ll send it to you on Venmo!”

Boomerang: This app is for the busy bee! Don’t you hate when you get constant emails all day, while your writing and doing other busy work, then three days later you ask yourself, “Did I respond to that person!?”. Well Boomerang will allow you to draft messages and schedule to send later or at a more convenient time. It also reminds you if you did not hear back from that important message too! It’s like a personal assistant, clever!

LastPass: When you run a business where social media and other technology domains are significant, keeping up with passwords can be very difficult and frustrating! Last Pass manages all your login information for different sites and autofills for you. LastPass also helps you create unique passwords that is most secure for you!

There you have it 5 Phone productivity apps that will help you become efficient and productive, now go download and be stress free!