Essential PR Tips For Business Storytelling

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When it comes to public relations tactics, storytelling may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if done well, storytelling has the power to increase brand awareness, credibility and profit–making it one of the most effective public relations tactics. While we understand the importance of storytelling and prioritize it in our work here at our public relations agency, we also understand that it can be an extremely complicated process. To make this process a little easier, we’ve put together a few key tips that will help you perfect your brand’s story. 


Be Authentic

Not all stories are perfect, and that’s okay! Being transparent and real with your audience will humanize your brand and build a deeper emotional connection with your audience. People know an over-fabricated story when they see one, and they don’t like it. Keep it real and you’ll see far better results.


Be Consistent

Once you’ve got your story down, stick to it. Changing your story too often will come across as disingenuous and will only leave your audience more confused. Showing consistency, even if it’s as small as using the same color scheme or font on all platforms will create a better sense of brand awareness.


Dive Deep…

If you want your brand’s story to stand out, you need to dig a little deeper. Superficial storytelling that is corporate-oriented will get you nowhere. Great business stories leave their audiences with something to think about. Prove to your audience that your business is about more than profit and your story will be far more effective. 


…But Keep It Simple

While it’s important to dig deep with storytelling, you still want to make sure you are keeping it simple. A story that has too many details, goals or outcomes is hard to follow and will leave your audience uninterested. Make sure your story can be easily understood–know what makes your brand unique, and stick to that. 


Now that you have the skills to master business storytelling, here are some other public relations agency secrets that we love to use.