4 Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

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With the rise of social media and the multitude of new marketing platforms, many are quick to assume that email marketing is outdated and useless. However, email marketing is certainly not dead, it has just drastically and rapidly changed over the past few years. Top PR agencies in Los Angeles and across the country have discovered how to continue using email marketing as a successful business tool. Follow these four email marketing strategies to keep your audience engaged and to grow your brand. 


Subject Line 

Successful campaigning is all about identifying with your audience, and with email marketing, that starts with the subject line. Subject lines should be catchy, specific, and personalized. You want to pinpoint the “must-know” of the email and turn it into a short, engaging phrase, customized for your reader, leaving them wanting to know more. 


Call to Action 

You successfully gained the attention of your audience and they read through your message, but now what? An effective call to action will give your email a clear purpose. Don’t leave your audience not knowing what to do with all the information, rather, show them what value you can offer them and entice them to click, like, purchase, or lead them to the ultimate goal of the email. 


Keep It Professional

Similar to any marketing tactic, you want to be through with every email you send. Take the time to draft, proofread, avoid jargon, and use a voice consistent with your brand. Ensure that your emails are concise, clean, and aesthetically pleasing to enhance readability and further improve audience retention. This will enhance your brand’s credibility and improve your engagement.   


Make it Mobile

While designing your email marketing templates, be sure to optimize them for mobile use. Today, 47% of all people use a mobile phone for checking their email. Therefore, if your email does not fit on a phone screen or doesn’t format correctly, you are losing the attention of almost half of your audience. Test your email across several device layouts to ensure it looks good across smartphones, tablets, and computers.


Find the Right Consistency 

In order to grow a stable community and healthy response rate, you need to know how often to contact your audience. Overmailing often leads to decreased engagement, so finding the right frequency is crucial. Aim to keep your emails consistent (ie: once a week) but avoid flooding their inbox. 


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