Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Customer service is the helpful communication between a customer and a company that keeps the customer engaged and loyal. Before the age of social media, it usually meant long phone calls or in-person meetings. Today, however, social media is a powerful tool in the customer service industry. Social media has allowed the brand itself speak directly to consumers through direct messages, comments, and stories. As a social media agency, having excellent customer service on all your socials is essential to great PR. Here we lay out 5 things to account for in your social media customer service. 


Watch the Comment Section

In our experience, comments are the primary place where questions arise about products. This can be simple questions like “where can I find this product’s price?” or as complex as questions about your brand values. For great customer service and to show that you care, try to answer all items that are in the comments section. This engagement creates trust between customers and the business. Staying on top of comments and responding within a day shows that you care about customer support and want the best for your customers. Additionally, remember never to delete any comments, even if they are negative. This looks like your brand is hiding something or silencing concerns, and if you are caught, the backlash will be a lot worse than that one comment was.


Prepare a Repeat Questions List

Frequently, the questions on comments and DMs are similar to ones asked before. To prepare, a great social media agency would have a comment script ready. This document is shared among members of the social media agency where you can search similar questions and responses. From there, you can use these answers as a guide to answering frequently asked questions. . This document makes answering comments run efficiently, but remember to try to personalize your answers in comments – don’t just copy and paste generic answers.


Listen to Feedback

Another fantastic part of social media customer service is the automatic and ever-flowing customer reviews. The best companies listen to their customers and make changes that appeal to them. Plus, customers love to have their opinions heard by either constructive criticism or a raving review. This feedback can help a brand alter their products or business model to suit its customers better, leading to a better brand reputation. You can then use social media to show how you implemented the feedback and created what the customer wants.


Pay Attention to Demographics

What is impressive about social media is the data that can be collected on the demographics of your clients. You can tailor customer service responses to fit the demographic and vibe of the company. For example, for older demographic, answers should be more formal and straightforward. With younger generations, you might use emojis or crack a joke. Knowing your audience is lesson #1 in customer service. 


Create Content that Answers Questions

Instead of waiting for your customers to ask the same questions, use your social media to have the most common questions already answered. For example, Instagram stories can be utilized to have a Q & A forum where you can collect common questions. Highlights on Instagram is a great way to manage common customer service questions and put them all in one place. On Facebook, you could have a part of your page where common questions are pre-answered, and a twitter thread with customer service answered. 


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