How to Keep Your Business Thriving Online

The novel coronavirus and recommendations by the CDC have disrupted the lives of people nationally. Non-essential businesses, including brick and mortar stores, were forced to shut their doors to limit the spread of the disease. As a result, businesses were tasked to come up with creative ways to keep up with the increased demand for online retail. Now as some states are starting to reopen, you may find yourself wondering how to manage your new online presence while resuming your in-person duties at your business. Here are some creative tools that the best PR agencies recommend to keep your business thriving online:


Offer gift certificates

Service providers are heavily impacted by coronavirus, as they cannot provide any of their services online. For these businesses, downloadable gift certificates that customers can use once it is safe to re-open are great. Once businesses reopen, you can keep your online presence thriving by offering online booking/reservations, online coupons for in-store use, or keep a blog about your services that will help boost your website traffic to gain a wider audience. 


Move your services online!

The best PR agencies advice any business to move their services online if possible. Luckily, there are ways to ensure continued income for these businesses. Platforms like Patreon, Zoom, and Instagram allow business owners and customers to continue their practices virtually. The event firm Yaymaker hosts their popular paint nite online online via Zoom. Thousand of gyms offer a $7 subscription to their virtual workout classes on Patreon. Accountants guide their clients through their taxes via video-conference. Artists offer poetry workshops on IGTV. However, once you are back in-person, it is still a great idea to continue these practices. 


Hire a team to manage your online presence

As you know, managing your digital business is just as much work as managing the in-person one. From SEO optimization to content creation to online customer service, there are so many aspects of online business that can be too much to handle. Designating a team to be in charge of your online presence is a great way to keep your business booming well beyond the coronavirus, as we are seeing an overall shift in consumers favoring online retailers and service providers. The best PR agencies know how to handle these tasks, and can help you keep your business thriving online.


Now that you have some ideas to keep business booming online, learn more about social media management here.