Featured Bloggers: Mai & Dax

This week, we are featuring Mai + Dax of The Glossarray. They blog about skincare, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. We also love following their Instagram where they frequently post unboxings, skincare routines and beauty giveaways. Read on to learn more about Mai + Dax. 

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into blogging.

DAX: I began blogging when I was 13, as a fashion blogger posting my outfits. I’ve always been interested in technology and fashion and have been blogging pretty much since I was 13 whether it was on Tumblr or through another blogging platform. About a year ago I made the switch to beauty blogging because I became more passionate about beauty and skincare. Shortly after, Mai and I founded THE GLOSSARRAY.
MAI: Like Dax, I’ve been blogging for as long as I can remember. Whether it was Tumblr, or a small WordPress blog that I launched as some sort of creative outlet, it’s always something I’ve been interested in. My passion revolving around beauty/skincare is something I remember having from a young age, so after stumbling across a random beauty blog on IG, I decided that I wanted to give it a shot as well! The rest is history, I suppose.

What inspired you to blog about this topic?

DAX: I was going through a rough patch during the end of high school and I spent a lot of time alone trying to figure out my life before college. This was also around the time that self-care started becoming more of a discussed topic, which was perfect timing because I was really in need of some. By starting a skincare routine and caring for myself more I was able to pick myself back up in a healthy way as well as find something new I’m passionate about. I truly believe that by starting a skincare routine and learning about the concept of self-care, I helped lift myself out of my depression. Blogging about skincare and beauty was not only life changing, but also a life saver.
MAI: Like I mentioned earlier, beauty + skincare are two things that I’ve been passionate about from a young age. I used to watch my grandmother apply her makeup in the mornings and skincare at night before bed, so it became something interesting to me as a child. After graduating high school, I even took a few esthiology courses to educate myself further in the topic. I decided to give beauty blogging a shot after realizing that it was a great way to learn more about this industry that I’m already so interested in. I wanted to use my own voice to form opinions and reviews about the current state of the community. I think finding our place in this online beauty space was truly only a matter of time for both of us. It feels like home!

What sets your blog apart from its similar counterparts?

DAX: I think the fact that there are two of us running our blog makes it different. Because there are two of us it allows us to produce more content from different perspectives. I might not like a certain product, but it could also work great for Mai. We have different skin types and live in different climates, so this lets us provide more insight for those who may not have only my skin type or only Mai’s.
MAI: I agree with Dax 100% – the fact that there are two of us really allows us to cater to a larger audience of people. Someone might favor Dax’s opinions over mine, simply because her skin type might be identical to theirs – or vise versa!

Describe yourself in 3 words.

DAX: Detailed, reserved, dedicated.
MAI: Ambitious, nervous (lol), eloquent.

Which social media platform is your favorite and why?

DAX: I’m a very visual person so Instagram is definitely my favorite. I love to look at photos. Looking at colors and textures can really make me feel something.
MAI: I’d have to agree and choose Instagram. I have to admit, I’m not a HUGE social media fan at this point in my life, but I do enjoy Instagram for the most part. I’m also very visual, and Instagram keeps me inspired and motivated to improve creatively.

What do you love most about blogging?

DAX: I love the creative aspect of blogging. Whether that’s designing a website or styling a photo, I like to create pretty visuals and be able to share them with other people!
MAI: I love all of it! But to get very specific, I loooooove editing photos. I think it’s so fufilling and satisfying to watch a photo become its final form, lol. I love learning new ways to make photos pop, and my favorite thing is when we receive comments telling us that our work has inspired them in some way.

Where do you see your blog going in the next 5 years?

DAX: In the next five years I hope that our blog continues to grow and maybe turn into something more like a publication, a brand, etc. We have a lot of dreams for where it could go.
MAI: I would love to see our blog grow, and like Dax mentioned, become a brand of its own. We’ve treated TGA like a business from the very beginning, and we would love to see it become something larger than an Instagram account. Fingers crossed!

If blogging as a profession did not exist entirely, what field would you venture into?

DAX: If blogging as a profession didn’t exist, I’d probably enter into fashion marketing or maybe PR. I’m currently in school studying fashion business and until recently I wanted to be a stylist.
MAI: It’s hard for me to put a finger on one profession, since I’m always all over the place when it comes to a career that I’d like to settle into. Aside from the beauty industry, I’m also really interested in the medical field – so maybe something involving that?

What are the 3 things you would take onto an isolated island with you?

DAX: I would take a notebook, pencil and my cat. I probably wouldn’t survive with just those (I am so not a minimalist), but I love my cat and I would find myself doing a lot of journaling and drawing.
MAI: Coffee, a camera, a book (although I don’t know which I would choose). I should probably be in survivor mode and choose something that would actually help me live, but those 3 things would at least keep me happy for awhile! Haha.