Unlayering the Listicle

The presence of listicles, particularly in relation to PR, is unavoidable. If you’re in pursuit of revamping your PR strategy, or simply out of fresh ways to promote, it’s important to understand just how and why the Listicle has gained such importance in today’s Internet age.

Much like a Labradoodle is a combination of both Poodle and a Labrador, the Listicle is equal parts list and article. Though this idea may seem incredibly progressive, most people considering the listicle to be a recent tool, this form of written listing has been around pretty much since the dawn of time. From the earliest recorded dates, people have been compartmentalizing their ideas into organized lists. It’s an easy way of portraying your ideas in and understandable way. Assumed historical list information aside, what you should read for further understanding on the  Listicle is is this, and this.

Although this concept has been around for a while, lists, coupled with the Internet, have had an incredible surge in popularity across social media. You see them as you scroll through your Facebook feed and Twitter. And occasionally have that Buzzfeed binge where you innocently start looking at 15 Soups That WiIl Actually Cure Your Cold and, 20 listicles later, you’ve lost all regard to time and productivity. Why? The Listicle is such an easily understood form of writing, the content it covers can be consumed en masse.