How to Make Your Brand Stand out from the Rest

Of course everyone wants to make their brand unique and stand out from the crowd, but with so much competition, it requires effort. As a public relations firm, we work to create a platform and heighten brand awareness for our clients. It is our goal to get their name out there. Some brands skyrocket to popularity because one celebrity praised them on their Instagram story, or their name was circulating around TikTok, but unfortunately that is not the reality with virtually all brands. That is why our public relations firm, BLND PR, is here to tell you how to make your brand steal the show.


Have a Compelling Brand Story

Having a compelling brand story helps bring your brand to life. It makes you unique and allows others to connect with you. Think of how you can have a creative edge, maybe approaching a different demographic than most in your category, going against what traditional branding looks like, etc. A brand story is also able to be integrated into your brand name, captions, website, basically everything. It is the backbone of your brand.


Be Cohesive 

It is crucial that your presence is cohesive. This involves having brand elements, such as colors, typography, and aesthetics, that form a clear brand identity. The same branding should be used across all platforms so that you are recognizable and distinguishable. Start by creating an Instagram Theme, to leave a lasting impression on your followers.


Be Consistent

Strong brands are consistent, as it may be the key to brand growth and visibility. Be consistent in not only how the brand looks, but in pushing out content, providing value to your audience, and keeping up during struggling times. Consumers know when a brand is consistent in what they say, produce, and create, and therefore it is imperative to making your brand stand out. 


Use Strong Visuals

Strong visuals are one of the most impactful ways of making your brand stand out from the crowd. It is a way to catch one’s eye on social media and get the attention of consumers. Be sure to use clear and high quality images and videos, as low quality visuals translates to low quality business. Try to use images that evoke emotions and make consumers feel, prompting their interest in your brand.


Have A Strong Social Media Presence

Stay up with what apps are hot. Get your brand on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat, as utilizing all forms of social media will increase your reach. In using different platforms, you’ll also be able to create various types of content such as photo content, video content, copywriting, and more. But like I said before, make sure you’re cohesive and consistent.

Now that you’ve got the tips you need to make your brand stand out, check out why our public relations firm suggests you have a brand mascot here.