Summer Forecast: What Will Be Hot (and Newsworthy) This Season

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It’s April – which means Spring is in full swing! Easter is just around the corner, and pastels and flowers are everywhere we turn. However, in the PR world, we’ve got summer on our minds. Behind the scenes, journalists are preparing their editorial calendars and articles months in advance. As a boutique public relations firm, we start pitching for print & digital stories about 2-3 months in advance. This gives us ample time to secure interest, and send through any details that the media will need to write and publish a story. With that said, it’s crucial to have a pulse on the upcoming trends for the new season. Trend forecasting helps us predict what will be newsworthy, and adapt our pitches to intrigue writers the most. 

Without further adieu, our talented PR team has put together this Summer Forecast: 


Trends In Fashion: Maximalism 

For the past few years, it’s been about simple patterns, neutral colors, and understated pieces. However, this summer we’re predicting that bold colors and exciting embellishments will be all the rage. Maximalist fashion has been dominating the runways at Fashion Week for the past few years, and now it’s trickling into everyday fashion blogs & TikTok videos. For brands, this means showcasing your boldest pieces front and center, or showing how your more simple pieces can compliment this complex and colorful style.


Trends In Skincare: Trusted Ingredients

While new and buzzy ingredients had a moment, in 2022 we’re seeing a shift back to the tried and true ingredients that we’ve been using for decades. Classics like Retinol, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid are taking center stage. Journalists and beauty reviewers will be looking for these ingredients in any products you’re promoting. If your brand features less-traditional ingredients, offering a comparison to these trusted ingredients and why yours works in a similar way could be a great tie in to this topic.


Trends In Fitness: Group Classes 

Now that the pandemic is tampering down, the home workout craze is being replaced by the return of group fitness classes. Consumers are eager to get ‘back to normal,’ and group fitness classes are reopening around the United States and are bigger than ever. Tailoring your fitness brand and products to being used in a public or group setting is the best way to hop on this trend and generate some buzz. 


Trends In Wellness: Cryotherapy

While it’s been popular for a few years, now we’re exploring all kinds of cryotherapy other than just a chamber. Ice baths, ice sprays, and ice massages are trending in the wellness world, as well as specific studios or salons that specialize in these methods. Its expanded beyond just athletes and celebrities, and is now a common wellness treatment that anyone and everyone can enjoy or even replicate at home.  


Key Holidays & Events: 



  • Pride Month 
  • 19th – Father’s Day
  • 19th – Juneteenth Day
  • 21st – Summer Solstice
  • 27th – Wimbledon



  • National Ice Cream Month
  • 4th – Independence Day 
  • 18th-19th – Amazon Prime Day (predicted



  • Back To School Season 
  • Black Business Month 


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