How To Stay Newsworthy As A Brand

Los Angeles PR Agency

Staying newsworthy is crucial for brands to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. As a Los Angeles PR agency, we are dedicated to curating consistent, meaningful media content to share with target audiences. The following tips are sure to help your brand achieve and maintain a high level of newsworthiness: 


Provide Value

Consumers should associate your brand with a feeling or a solution. This will garner love and trust between your target audience and brand. There are several tactics your brand can implement to increase perceived customer value. Discounts are a way to boost sales, while leaving your customers feeling satisfied with their purchase. Loyalty programs are also a way to motivate consumers. Providing special perks and benefits for loyal members makes customers feel appreciated. Furthermore, your brand can positively drive consumer perception through educational content. This can be in the form of original content, such as a company blog, that will share your level of expertise and increase your brand credibility. Influencer and user-generated content are also a way to develop brand loyalty and trust. 


Tell a Story 

Human interest stories grab consumers’ attention. Create a buzz around your brand by telling a story that elicits an emotional response. Rather than reiterating facts, talk about how your brand has inspired others. Tie in your brand’s message into a real-life experience. Furthermore, “stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone”. Bringing your brand to life through real life storytelling allows your consumers to build a loyal relationship. 


Stay Relevant 

Evolving as a brand is essential to make sure that you are staying current with your audience. The world is rapidly changing and if you allow your brand to stay stagnant, you may get lost in the noise. For example, making sure that you are utilizing popular social media platforms and creating content that is of interest to your target consumer. Share how your brand is growing or what developments are on the way. Keeping your customers current engages them and makes you prominent. 


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