5 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement

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In the world of social media, one of the most important metrics to track to determine success is engagement. Engagement is any action that a user takes on your post, such as a like, share, comment or save. Consistent, strong engagement shows that your audience is actively thinking about and interacting with your brand, meaning more brand loyalty and overall awareness. The best social media agencies in the business are able to drive engagement up and deliver excellent results for their client. Here are the top five things to consider when evaluating and improving your content to boost engagement. 


Maintaining a consistent schedule is vital for your social media presence. Potential clients, customers, and supporters will engage with your content if your content is being sent out on a dependable basis. This doesn’t mean you need to post every day, you could post every other day, or even a few times a week! Consistency is all about staying relevant in your audience’s feed.



Every good content creator and the best social media agencies know that cohesiveness is what audiences like. Your followers are following you for the content you have already posted. They stay because your current content aligns with your overall brand. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things, but make sure to not pull a complete 360 on your audience either. Making sure that all of your content connects and compliments each other is a great way to establish your brand and showcase its essence.



Nobody likes boring posts, and nobody likes boring posts. Increase your engagement by trying new things and making a note of what your audience responds well to. This could mean incorporating new outlets, such as Reels or Instagram Live. You can take inspiration from similar accounts, different brands, or come up with something completely and totally unique to help differentiate your brand! Don’t feel discouraged if something doesn’t work the way you thought it would; take it as it is and use it for further improvement. 



Collabs are one of the easiest ways to garner a considerable amount of engagement in a short amount of time. By collaborating with influencers or similar brands, you gain access to their audiences as well! Collaborations would mean hosting a giveaway, hosting an event together, or collaborating on a product. The options for how to collaborate with others are endless and are something that will both excite your current followers and bring in new ones!



One of the most important things to keep in mind when managing your social media accounts is to maintain communication with your followers. Make sure to stay communicative by responding to DMs and comments regularly! Outward engagement encourages inward engagement by providing your audiences with more opportunities to engage with your own content. No one likes being ignored in the DMs, and that goes for DMing businesses and brands as well! The best social media agencies don’t only control the release of content, but also nurture the relationship with the brand’s audience.


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