Tips For Reaching Your Target Audience With Social Media Marketing

social media management

What if we told you that the type of platform you are using is reaching the wrong audience? Using social media can bring awareness and increase your reach to your target public. However, you need to understand proper social media management as well as how to effectively use each platform and know what kinds of users are active in each of them. Here’s our tips for reaching the right audience with social media marketing. 


Identify Your Audience

When starting your own business or brand, it is important to identify what your values are that will be reflected in your content. Many social media users lose interest in accounts that are not consistent or do not have relatable content to the public they are reaching. Be specific when creating who your target demographic is:

  • Age Range
  • Geographical Location
  • Income
  • Interests/Personality
  • Beliefs/Values
  • Online Behavior 


Use online tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite.


Do Your Own Research

Learn from your published content and see which types of posts, tweets, or photos received the most engagement. Also, it is important to distinguish the different users and engagement between platforms. Consider working with micro to macro influencers who have already built an established community with your target audience. 

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Know Your Loyal Customers

Don’t search publics you can not reach when you can learn from your internal database of loyal customers or followers who have continued to engage with your content. See what types of brands or influencers they are following to know what types of content your customers are interested in. Discover what do your loyal customers like about your brand’s vision, products, or services. Continue to keep them engaged with their interests aligned with your business. 


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