Photoshoot 101

Looking to take the leap and get into content creation but don’t know where to begin? Photo shoots don’t always need to be a large-scale, big-budget production. While a professional-quality DSLR camera is an awesome tool for any content creator to have, it’s 100% possible to do a successful shoot on your phone! Here are 4 (non-technical) tips to help you get your photoshoot up and running:

  1. Stay organized.

    If you’re new to the photoshoot game, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of, well…everything. Keep a schedule of when you’re planning on moving on to the next set-up or task and stick to it! If you’re using props, keep a prop list handy – and make sure those props are collected before your shoot starts so you’re not scrambling around at the last second trying to track things down!

  2. Make a shot list.

    A shot list is an amazing tool to help you determine what your goals are with your shoot. What exactly is it you want to shoot? Which aesthetic are you going for? What kinds of props, backgrounds, colors, etc. are essential in ensuring you get the mood you’re going for? Shot lists help you stay on track, but don’t feel like your list is set in stone! If inspiration strikes mid-photoshoot, feel free to try new things! TIP: We like using Pinterest to find pictures for a shot list!

  3. Find a space with good natural light.

    If photography and photo shoots are still a bit new to you, chances are you don’t have a ton of expensive lighting equipment lying around…and that’s okay! You can still create exceptional, professional-quality content without the price tag. Spaces with lightly colored walls and plenty of natural light (think lots of windows) ensure that your photos will wind up with a bright and crisp professional look without the need to over-edit. TIP: White poster boards are inexpensive, and can be used as plain backgrounds or used to reflect natural light onto your subject(s)!

  4. Don’t overthink.

    Photoshoots can be stressful, especially if they’re new to you, but content creation is also a lot of fun. Don’t stress too much over the small things! If you make a mistake, learn from it – use your mistakes to grow into a better photographer!