5 Best Men’s Products to Shape Up Your Man


Men’s products are often underestimated. It is the worst when you assume that your other half will be properly groomed, dressed for the occasion, and ready to show yourselves off as a power couple – and instead he shows up grungy and not in the cute way. You already know you already look good, so make sure your man is the best arm candy he can be by buying these 5 top men’s products. As a luxury pr firm, we tested these out on our men and they are ready for you to go buy.

1. Non-Iron Shirt
Nothing is worse then when your guy puts a dress shirt and you walk out the door realizing it looks like he left it on the closet floor for two months. As a luxury pr firm, we attend many events where our guys have to be on their A game and a wrinkled shirt ruins that. This wrinkle free shirt is amazing because they never need to be ironed. Run to Nordstrom to get it today!

2. Jack Black Skin Care Products
These products are all the rage right now. This 5 piece set covers all basic needs, but there are many options and sets to choose from. They tailor sets to meet the needs of any type of guy you have, the bearded guy, the clean shaven guy and the hat hair guy. Their facial and body cleansing products will leave him smelling irresistible.

3. American Crew Molding Clay
This hair product has been around forever, and there is a reason… it’s one of the most amazing men’s products out there. If your guy is anything our men, his hair is always out of control and this is the savior. It is affordable and found at many locations. Once you smell it you’ll be sold.

4. Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300
We love a guy with facial hair…however, it needs to be cared for. This men’s product is a great addition to your mans wash kit. Not only does it give the option to shave his beard down to a short stubble or leave it long, it also has this amazing vacuum feature so there will be less stubble left in your sink!

5. Prada L’Homme Cologne
 Now we told you everything he needs to maintain that flawless image, this is what he needs complete the look. This cologne is at the top of all lists for being the best scent for men in 2017. There is nothing more memorable than when a man walks into a room smelling amazing.

As a luxury pr firm, we strive to make your life easier by finding out the best men’s products out there. This list is all he needs to be the best arm candy he can be.