3 Habits for Staying Healthy at Work


Keeping healthy at work is always challenging. Between staying seated at your desk for eight hours and the delicious, often carb-loaded snacks your co-workers share with the office, many workers leave the work day feeling exhausted, weighed down and sluggish. Here are three habits that need to be added to your work routine to help you stay healthy at the office.

  1. Bottoms Up. Drink more water throughout the day. It can be easy to get zoned in on your work and forget about drinking water so keep a large water bottle at your desk and set goals for how many bottles you can drink each day. Staying well-hydrated will help increase your energy levels, improve your mood and is crucial to your overall health. Remember, the more cups of coffee you drink, the more water you need!

  2. Stand Up. Standing up from your desk multiple times a day is so important. Not only does it help to clear your head and refocus on your work, it also burns calories and boosts your metabolism. Set a goal of standing up once per hour to give your arms and legs a much needed stretch.

  3. Eat Up. Food is fuel, not an enemy! Bring healthy snacks such as fresh veggies or nuts to munch on throughout to day. Aim to eat a small snack every two to three hours to keep your body energized throughout the day. Healthy snacking will not only will this help you from reaching into the candy bowl, it will also prevent you from vegging out at lunch! When it is time for lunch, make sure your plate includes a lean protein, vegetables and a small portion of whole grains.

Taking these three simple tips and turning them into habits will guarantee you to have a more productive workday and help you leave the office feeling fresh, happy and healthy!