5 Social Media Trends to Try in 2021

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With the amount of social media users steadily increasing year after year, the best social media agency always needs to be able to stay ahead of the latest trends. Not only are online trends one of the best ways to engage audiences with what they are interested in at the moment, but they also tend to be fun and creative! Keep reading for five social media trends you need to try in 2021!


Reels & TikTok

Short format videos, such as Instagram Reels and TikToks, have skyrocketed in popularity throughout 2020. Brands, small businesses, and agencies alike can leverage this trend by incorporating their content into these formats. The briefness of the videos allows for creative, fun, and casual ideas to flourish. Make sure to keep note of the specific trends within these platforms for maximum engagement!


Interactive Instagram Stories

The beginning of the pandemic brought with it a flurry of interactive Instagram stories for users to repost and add to. While that trend has died down, Instagram Stories remains a strong way to communicate and involve your audience. By using built in features, such as polls or questions, you invite your followers to engage with your content directly. Explore those features to create captivating, interactive content!


Live Streams

Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Instagram Live, even TikTok has a live streaming feature! In this virtual era, so many things have been hosted on live streams: concerts, product launches, panels, the possibility of content to provide via a live stream is endless.  You can also optimize live streams to foster genuine connections with your audience, especially in the virtual world that we’re currently living in.


Pinterest Optimization

The best social media agency knows that Pinterest optimization can be the key to a killer social media strategy. Pinterest provides its users with direct links, giving you more traffic if you optimize well. Don’t leave this platform unkempt! Pinterest had over 320 million active monthly users in 2019, making it a great way to attract more people to your audience who are already interested in your content.


AR Filters

Snapchat started it, but soon enough AR filters started springing up everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, and yup, even TikTok are in the AR filter game. Creating your own customized filter is a fun way to interact with your audience. Filters have the potential to reach a large amount of people, especially if you incorporate them into an influencer marketing campaign!


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