5 Tips to Make your Brand Mobile Friendly

In today’s time everyone seems to have their phones glued to their hands. With the percentage of cell phone users at an all-time high, it is pertinent for brands to be mobile friendly to remain relevant and competitive. Below are five ways to make sure your brand is mobile.

  1. Optimize Your Mobile Website – 75 percent of users want the website they are visiting to be mobile friendly. According to a Search Agency survey, all of the top mobile websites easily connect users to their social media sites and have a simple layout and good search features.
  2. Create A Branded App – While having a mobile site is important, according to Techcrunch over 85 percent of a mobile user’s time is spent on apps. Therefore, creating a branded app can increase consumer engagement even further than a mobile website can.
  3. Offer Mobile Coupons – In creating a mobile app, your brand can also offer mobile coupons. For your retail brand, shoppers can simply show the cashier the mobile coupon at the register. Your brand can also provide rewards programs, deals and other special offers to tie in your brands mobile use. If your brand does not have its own app, it can still offer mobile coupons through popular mobile coupon apps such as Shopkick or Ibotta.
  4. Get Visual On Instagram – Targeting mobile platforms using social media marketing is a tremendous way to reach additional customers. You brand can start a unique hashtag and repost pictures from consumers using your product or service. Look at Starbucks’ Instagram feed for a great frame of reference.
  5. Get More Visual Through Vine – Vine is an app that enables users to create six second, looped videos. Many brands have been able to leverage their creativity on Vine and connect straight to consumers. While some brands create their own vines, some brands opted to leverage the popularity of vine “stars” to create sponsored videos. For example, Tide’s sponsored Vine featuring Vine star BatDad has over 3.2 million views. Some other great brands on Vine include Target, Burberry and Samsung.